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UK 08 Quake Survivors REPREZENT!

February 27, 2008

Oh yes! Last night at 12:55 am the largest earthquake for 25 years hit the UK. Measuring around 5.3 on the Richter Scale, the epicentre was hardly 20 miles from our house:

EMSC Local picture

I’ve never experienced a quake before, so it was rather unnerving. It only lasted for 10 seconds or so, but the whole house seemed to shake violently. Nothing actually fell off or was damaged, but it felt pretty severe from where I was sitting. Apparently people felt it as far away as London, and even Newcastle to the north!

God bless the Internet, though: at 1 am, when the BBC news site was just showing a line saying “Reports of tremors in the West Midlands”, was already live and on the scene with about 20 different stories detailing exactly what was going on. Web 2.0 ftw!


Why My Reddit RSS Feed Is B0rked

October 11, 2007

For a while now my liked.rss feed from reddit has been well and truly knackered. You can see the results of this on the right-hand side of this page, in my sidebar — just keep scrolling, you’ll reach it eventually…

Yesterday I found out why: apparently all reddit rss feeds now require a login cookie. This is fine when you’re logged in to reddit and viewing my liked items, but not so good when you’re trying to display a feed in a feed reader or on a blog. This has been reported on both the bugs subreddit and vanilla reddit, so far without any response — not even an acknowledgement that there’s a problem.

And that’s not the only unfixed problem: I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to submit a link, only to be told “you’re submitting too fast!”. Well, I’m not the only one. This has been reported again and again, and there still hasn’t been any response.

In general I do value the quality of reddit as compared to digg et al, but all these problems are beginning to take the shine off somewhat.

UPDATE: 17/10/2007: It’s fixed! Reddit changed their code at the weekend and revamped most of the site. With this came a change in the way RSS feeds are handled. The upshot is it now works fine, so I’m happy!

Two of the top six hot stories on Reddit at the moment have titles over two lines long. Is this the beginning of a disturbing new trend?

April 30, 2007



Is this what we’ve been reduced to? What happened to brevity?

And yes, this is a lame attempt to get a single paltry blog post into the month of April. For shame! Seriously, it’s not just that I’ve dried up or anything. Okay, well, it is partially that. But I often feel like I have less time these days: this evening, for instance, was spent filling in an application form for a job. Much like many other evenings in my life recently.

Speaking of which, I must remember to write about the preposterous application form of a certain university one of these days… Suffice to say, the section where you fill in your education had a drop down menu with every single course known to mankind, including Methodical Eschatology and Theoretical Minerology. Why not just let the applicant fill in the name of the course? What happened to keeping it simple?

Bah, I’m off to bed.