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Almost There… Stay On Target!

October 10, 2007

Plaster Wars” was an event which took place earlier this month featuring scale models of several Star Wars craft, like the X-Wing (full-scale) and Y-Wing (1/4 scale):

“A long time ago, in a garage in Santee, California, a group of slightly insane rocketeers decided to make a flying scale model of the X-Wing fighter from what is arguably the best movie ever made, Star Wars.”

Here are the (less than spectacular, but still geekily entertaining) results:

Altogether now: “Watch out, Wedge! Three from above!” “I can’t shake him!” “Too late!”, etc.


Star Wars On A Banjo

August 1, 2006

Y’all best stay on target now, y’hear?

Yes. It’s a video of a man playing the Star Wars theme tune on a banjo. No further comment necessary.