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Twitter Science?

April 16, 2009

I came across the below while reading an @mashable tweet about how to retweet:

What we see here is that while the number of followers exposed to a Tweet does have a positive effect on the number of times that Tweet is ReTweeted, it is a weak correlation, meaning that other factors play a much larger role. By calculating a ReTweets-per-follower ratio for 20,000 users and graphing the distribution of that metric we see that while most users have a similar ratio, there does exist a class of users with a much higher ReTweets-to-follower number.

via The Science of ReTweets.

Check it out! Twitter science with proper stats and everything! I don’t know what this means for me, but I think maybe I should get onto graphing my metrics in the morning.

(I think what it actually means is that number of followers doesn’t have as big an impact as you might expect on how often something is retweeted.)


10000 Tracks Scrobbled On

March 9, 2009

In the grand tradition of my two previous posts on this topic, I’ve just passed my latest milestone on – 10,000 tracks scrobbled! And which song marked this grand occasion? Why, this one:

RobynBe Mine!

Since I last wrote about scrobbling milestones in September 2008, have significantly expanded their selection of full tracks so you can listen to this one for free at least three times before they cut you off. Or else you can download Spotify (assuming you’re in the UK or Europe, that is) and listen to it all you want. Or you could just buy it I suppose… Hey, it’s a great album.

5000 Tracks Scrobbled On

September 17, 2008

A landmark event! Earlier today I listened to my 5,000th track on

FeistThe Water

And what a fittingly awesome tune to mark the occasion! My last major landmark was back in January, at which point I’d listened to 1,000 tracks.

Interestingly, between the time I passed the 5,000 mark this morning and the time of writing this, has altered the way it displays your track count. It now looks a little like an old-school tape deck counter.

Nice touch!

Additionally, when you hover over the count it tells you your average number of tracks per day. Mine currently stands at 13 per day. Not bad – equivalent to roughly one album’s worth of songs consumed every day. But could do better! Actually though, this data is skewed because I didn’t really use much for the first couple of months back when I installed it. Also, since January I’ve been listening to a lot more music!

If, like me, you’re a stats-fiend and you also love, you could do worse than checking out the Stats group! This includes links to all sorts of tag cloud generators and eclectic music/open-mindedness calculators based on your listening history in

See you back here in about 8 months when I hit the 10K mark. By my calculations, I’ll need to up my listening game to an average of just 20.5 tracks per day to reach this within 8 months.

100th Post! (With Bonus Stats)

December 10, 2007

Yep, you read that right:


Yay! Here’s to 100 posts on this blog and countless more hours spent carefully constructing text that virtually no one reads. That’s a lie, of course; to date I’ve had 24,084 hits — and that’s just since I moved to WordPress in July of last year.

All told, I’ve been blogging for 18 months, or 566 days, or 13584 hours, or 815040 minutes, or… you get the idea. In any case, that’s roughly 1.3 posts per week — not bad for an amateur!

Popularity-wise, How (Not) To Buy A Hang Drum has been far and away my most read post, with a staggering (for me anyway) 5,919 hits. Not surprisingly, most people find this blog by typing “hang drum” or similar into Google: the above post is actually on the first page of Google’s results for hang drum at the time of this writing.

I received 358 hits in a single day earlier this year, but most days I get a respectable 100-150. Hardly major league (or even Vauxhall Conference for that matter), but not bad for a non-specialist blog from a rank amateur. Of course, it’s not all about the traffic — well, actually, none of it’s about the traffic because I don’t have any ads on here, so I make absolutely no money — it’s all about the love baybee!

So here’s to another 100 posts. Goodness knows what I’ll write about, but lack of a topic or a marketing strategy hasn’t stopped me in the past!